Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

Solution of Broken Toilet

Solution of Broken Toilet

I do not intend to compete with businesses suction septic tank.just want to share a simple experience to overcome the problems that sometimes occur in your home toilet.

Usually, the toilet will fill up quickly septic tank jib no problems with microbial if the sum is greater than the addition of fecal droppings microbe. Will be difficult to flush toilets and the smell will spread everywhere.

Inhibition of microbial growth could be due to decomposition of many things. For example, the food we eat less fertilizing materials containing microbes. Or any family member who consume high doses of antibiotics and the long term.

These types of drugs not only kill microbes in the body. Time is wasted with feces; antibiotics will also inhibit the growth of microbes in spitting. Microbial growth will also be hampered when the rest of the laundry soap water discharged into the whole toilet.

There are simple ways to overcome. Take 2-3 raw eggs and then break and throw into the toilet, then flush. And then wait 2-3 days to see his reaction. Inside the septic tank, the eggs will invite maggots and microbes degrading life.They will spend our dirt. But if a week is still clogged toilet, we may suspect the problem is not on the microbial. About this please contact the handyman you suck toilet.

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